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a next generation building material

Introducing SprayCork, a next generation building material helping to pave the way toward a greener future.

CorkSol has been supplying sustainable, cork-based products to the build sector for a number of years and has now launched the next generation of cork sprayed coatings, SprayCork.

SprayCork is a natural cork sprayed coating for new build and renovation projects. It provides a sustainable, innovative solution for homes, residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Whilst retaining the outstanding performance and benefits of the previous Thermocork product, this next generation offers improved features and has a higher cork content, creating a more quality finish and enhanced functionality when transforming internal and external walls. Alongside this, SprayCork will provide even stronger eco-credentials, greater thermal efficiency, and a wider range of colour options.

SprayCork benefits

On top of the existing features of Thermocork, such as weatherproofing, B rated fire resistance, acoustic absorption, adhesion to almost every surface, and a natural resistance to cracks, damp & condensation, algae & moss, SprayCork offers the following improvements and benefits:

  • Natural & Sustainable – Now with 40% more cork content, SprayCork comes from a natural product and causes no permanent damage to the environment
  • Improved thermal performance – As a result of the added cork content, SprayCork is the ultimate thermal regulator, which can reduce fuel costs
  • Improved quality – With more cork content, the product makes for a fuller, better quality finish
  • More colour options – Now available in 28 colours as standard to better suit Irish tastes, with the option of bespoke tinting for larger orders
  • Faster application – Improved drying times help get the job done faster
  • Longer Warranty – SprayCork now comes with a 25-year product warranty