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The Revolutionary Natural Breathable Building Coating

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The Revolutionary Natural Breathable Building Coating

SprayCork is the ideal replacement for traditional renovation systems. Breathable, flexible, weather resistant, insulating coating for commercial and domestic buildings.

GMS Insulations Ltd distributes Spray Cork in Ireland, the original, quality cork product and the future global market leader.

More and more painters, plasterers and renderers are discovering the advantages of sprayed cork for use inside and out, adding this solution to their product range. In addition, SprayCork is also a suitable product for companies who use industrial coatings and recover the old asbestos sites.

We are assisting these specialised companies – our customers – intensively with advice and training. SprayCork has tremendous benefits, but it does require a professional installation. After the necessary training we provide our customers the certificate from CorkSol.

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green home awards highly commended
Build it awards 2021

Solutions To Insulate & Waterproof Your Home

Whether it’s facades, walls, floors or roofs, our long lasting eco-friendly products will coat your surface and can to help to solve your problems of thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and damp proofing.

External Render

CorkSol SprayCork sprayed cork coating gives properties a low-maintenance and durable finish. Not only does it waterproof but it also improves thermal and acoustic insulation by eliminating thermal bridges.

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Over-spray & Crack Repairs

CorkSol is the only company who give a 25 year warranty over cracked render. Our long lasting solution adheres to any surface with no primer required and is a great solution for over-sprays.

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Thermal Wall Insulation

An ultra thin coating of CorkSol SprayCork will help to achieve high insulation values. Skimming over the cork results in a smooth finish at less than 10mm thickness with no disturbance of existing windows, coving or skirting boards.

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Condensation & Damp Elimination

CorkSol SprayCork eliminates condensation by reducing thermal shock, acting as a thermal barrier. CorkSol SprayCork adheres to any surface from metal to skimmed walls.

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CorkSol SprayCork provides a thermal waterproof layer to any pitched roof without adding the weight associated with traditional material. Its easy application allows for large areas to be coated quickly, externally, without impacting on the building’s occupants.

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CorkSol SprayCork provides a solution to insulate and waterproof your home. When CorkSol SprayCork is used on Conservatories allows you to take control of the temperature inside, improving energy efficiency helping to reduce heating bills.

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Become a CorkSol Approved Applicator

Our applicator starter pack consists of mobile compressor, hose, spray gun and full training.

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CorkSol Approved Applicator

Need help with a project? Contact a local approved applicator